Why EMPOWERMENT does not mean you are weak

I recently read a social media post where a woman said she hated the word empowerment because she saw it as being a sign of weakness. What? Was my first reaction, followed by no, no, no, no. That is NOT what empowerment is about.

This got me thinking?

Why? Why would someone perceive it that way?

Why […]

Is Life Coaching really for you?

How do you know if this is the career choice you want to make?

How do you know you can cut it as a life coach?

How do you know you are making the right decision?


How do you know unless you try?


Don’t live your life in the realms of self doubt and insecurities. Life Coaching […]

3 Online Courses Worth Investing In

You know it’s time to step it up, whether it be in business and life. Don’t let life pass you by with doing nothing for yourself. I am highly recommending these courses to get you underway.




I love them and what they offer. My own personal growth in business and life has […]

8 steps to clarity in your business

Helen Keller said ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.’

When it comes to owning your own business, I tell no lies when I say it not easy, it can be overwhelming or you can find yourself disconnected wondering why you […]

The importance of holding a safe space around you

Do you find yourself feeling like you just ain’t cutting it? That everyone else seems to be shining and you’re going no-where? That your creativity and ideas are blocked, and your feeling a little suffocated?
What if I tell you to put some space around you?




It’s so easy to start a new project, business or […]

Woohoo! It’s my first birthday – Let’s Celebrate

It is truly amazing that when you do something you love, how much time can fly. Can you believe it’s Envision Empower Succeed’s first birthday. 
I want to celebrate.
Firstly, the speeches.

I want to thank my best friend AKA my husband Dean, who has always supported me in my journey in business. He’s the best cheerleader any […]


“OMG I’ve totally screwed up.” Sound familiar?

There is no magic secret we do all screw up at one point or another in our lives.  Some are big and others are small hiccup in the road. It’s what you do with it that matters. I say OWN IT.

I am always the first person to raise my […]

10 steps to ensure you correctly take risks in your business

One of the biggest blocks business owners face is not willing to try something new or take a risk.  Some of the best risks do pay off. Taking a risk is about doing something in your business that truly resonates with you and that you are confidentially willing to try to see how your audience […]

Seeing the signs

Do you frequently see a repeating image or number, and wonder why?  Do you interpret these to be messages from the Universe? Have you stopped to find out what they mean?  Let me share my two examples.

These two examples are completely out of the blue, and were appearing frequently at me, however I didn’t really […]

40 reasons you need a Life Coach

A Life Coach is about your moving forward, from this moment in time.  We don’t hang out in your past, because really the past is the past. If you have matters needing to be dealt with from your past, then a counsellor is your best resource. If you’re ready to make the change from this […]

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