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Have you ever been close with someone in your work or life, and then one day something might have occurred to make you see them in a completely different light and your views of them going forward are no longer the same.

At times this can be very heart breaking, disappointing, a real eye opener, or a WTF moment.

We all experience this in our lives to some degree, some can be more intense than others.

I know for me personally when I’ve experienced this, I’ve always questioned myself wondering how I never saw them in this light. Did the rose coloured glasses come off? Was I too busy people pleasing and being my open self to not realise the sheep was in fact a wolf.

Experienced the same? 

Were you shocked?

Did you want to hide under a blanket?

Did you feel the pain and/or hurt?

What to do when these moments occur? 

Running away is easy but never the answer.

Truthfully, as much as you might not want anything to do with them again. This won’t solve the problem as there are more wolves out there roaming as sheep.

You need to LEARN from what happened.

Teach yourself to be more aware, to spot the signs (they all generally show similar signs).

And of course, if it happens again, remember it’s NOT you, it is them.

The reality.

People pleaser will always attract wolves. 

When you change your focus, and it’s not about them. These are pinnacle moments when the truth reveals itself.

Assumptions are incorrectly made.

This lesson took me a long time to learn. Many hours of questioning myself on the why.

The answer.

It was NEVER about you, it was truly only ever about them.

Our paths change in life, when you’re wholehearted and believe in yourself, you will truly attract the right people for you.

You don’t need wolves.  But be aware they are out there.

Don’t ever change who you are just because someone else shows their true self in a light you never envisaged.

Be smart, be strategic and be your true self. 

The tragic will only ever be theirs.

Changing your mindset, will help you handle them in a better light.