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Transformative Journey: Overcoming People-Pleasing

“Transformative Journey,” a personalized coaching program designed for individuals ready to break free from the chains of people-pleasing. Working 1:1 with Anne Clark, an experienced Intuitive Life Coach, you will embark on a path to reclaiming your authenticity, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating self-worth that isn’t tied to others’ approval. This program is tailored for those who find themselves constantly prioritizing others at the expense of their own needs and desires.

Program Overview

Duration: 12 sessions done fortnightly or monthly.

Format: 1:1 sessions with Anne Clark (60 minutes each), personalised exercises, and unlimited email support between sessions.


  • Identify and understand the roots of your people-pleasing behaviors.
  • Develop skills to confidently express your needs and desires.
  • Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of life.
  • Cultivate a strong sense of self-worth independent of external validation.
  • Enhance decision-making abilities, embracing your authentic voice.
  • Transform the way you navigate relationships, fostering genuine connections.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Understanding People-Pleasing

  • Dive deep into what it means to be a people pleaser, the impact on your life, and the potential causes of these tendencies.

Week 2: Self-Discovery and Awareness

  • Engage in exercises designed to uncover your true desires, needs, and values, laying the groundwork for authentic living.

Week 3: The Power of “No”

  • Develop the courage and language to say no gracefully, understanding that it’s a complete sentence.

Week 4: Setting Boundaries

  • Learn the art of setting healthy boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues, including practical role-playing exercises.

Week 5: Navigating Guilt and Discomfort

  • Address the feelings of guilt and discomfort that often arise when prioritizing your needs, with strategies to manage and overcome them.

Week 6: Cultivating Self-Worth

  • Engage in exercises and meditations designed to boost your self-esteem and self-worth, independent of others’ opinions.

Week 7: Embracing Your Authentic Self

  • Explore what authenticity means to you and how to express your true self in your daily life.

Week 8: Decision Making with Confidence

  • Develop strategies for making decisions based on your intuition and true desires, rather than to please others.

Week 9: Communication Skills for Authentic Relationships

  • Learn effective communication techniques that promote honesty and authenticity in relationships.

Week 10: The Role of Forgiveness

  • Understand the role of forgiveness in releasing past behaviors and moving forward with newfound strength.

Week 11: Living Authentically

  • Create a personal action plan for integrating your learnings into daily life, ensuring long-term transformation.

Week 12: Reflection and Future Planning

  • Reflect on your journey, celebrate your progress, and plan for maintaining your growth beyond the program.

Support Materials and Bonuses

  • Personalized Workbook: A comprehensive guide filled with exercises, reflections, and resources to support your journey.
  • Unlimited Email Support: Direct access to Anne Clark for guidance and support between sessions.
  • Exclusive Access to a Private Community: Connect with others on similar journeys, share experiences, and offer support.


This transformative journey is more than just a program; it’s a pathway to a life lived with authenticity, confidence, and genuine happiness. If you’re ready to leave behind the weight of people-pleasing and step into a life where you can truly thrive, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Together, you’ll unlock the doors to your authentic self, discovering a world where you can live freely, love deeply, and express yourself fully.