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Do you find yourself running from appointment to appointment, or task to task, point A to B to C, always in the next moment and never the current moment? Do you find yourself tired, making silly mistakes, sculling coffee or so wired up you struggle to switch off?


Forgetfulness, tiredness, mistakes, turning to the wrong foods and drinks, wound up – these are your tell-tale signs you need to slow down and/or take a break.  

Ignoring them will lead to a path or result you do not want.

Rather than waiting until you get there, why not look at the early warning signs and take some actions to change and avoid the doom and gloom.

Here are 10 things you can do and avoid burn out.

  1. Make a daily ritual to have a you time moment, switch off and go into a zone that relaxes you and enables you to breathe. This could be doing some meditation, yoga, reading a book, or just watching the world go by whilst you soak up a little bit of sunshine.
  2. Go to bed early. In the strange fantasy world, we elude ourselves we’ll always goes to bed early, when the reality is you’re running your own business or have kids, it’s not always possible. But making it a goal to at least go to bed twice a week early, enough to catch some extra zzzz is a great place to start.   
  3. Pre-pack or pre-plan your meals. That cliché line of not knowing what you want to eat is what everyone feels but take the extra stress out of your day, especially when you’re hungry, trying to decide what to put in that stomach. When it’s all pre-planned and organise, you don’t have to think about it, you just have to make it and eat it!
  4. Play some music. It is amazing how much music can change your mood, or get you into a different mindset. Play music that enables you to relax or get into a happy mindset.
  5. Laugh. Laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. There is nothing more invigorating than a good old belly laugh. It is amazing at changing your attitude, mindset, and emotional state. Stuck for what can make you laugh, head to YouTube as there are plenty of silly cat videos to get you started.
  6. Cry. Crying is a great release of emotions and can help you become relaxed because you’re releasing what you are holding inside.
  7. Dance. Put on your favourite song and move that body. No one has to see you. Allow yourself to be in that song, that moment and feel the energy from the song.
  8. Change the scene. Get out of your norm and head somewhere that make you switch off and relax. Head to the beach, the bush, the local café, wherever that makes you stop and be in the current moment.
  9. Sleep. If you are finding yourself struggling through the day, go for a nap. No one will know. It’s a meeting with yourself in the dream state! (wink wink)
  10. Talk to someone. Don’t be afraid to chat to someone if you’re finding yourself unable to switch off. Verbally expressing yourself is a great way to release and gain clarity.

We all know life is busy, and for some reasons seems to get busier. Make sure you are looking after yourself. Remember most things can wait another day. So if it has to wait, then let it wait. Your health is far more important.

Just keep LISTENING to what your tell-tale signs are saying.