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Do you find yourself feeling like you just ain’t cutting it? That everyone else seems to be shining and you’re going no-where? That your creativity and ideas are blocked, and your feeling a little suffocated?

What if I tell you to put some space around you?




It’s so easy to start a new project, business or business adventure and feel the need to connect with like-minded people, but when you allow them to completely take over your space, you are leaving NO room for you to create your own thing.

This applies when you have people constantly taking from you, needing your time, needing your advice, needing your expertise, needing your valuable space to fill up with everything about them.

What do you have left?

Not much.

Everyone experiences this at different levels.  In business, others can seem to be making their presence known, and they just seem to be everywhere.  You feel you’re not cutting it like they are.  You find yourself being flood with them wherever you look.

Allowing them to fill your space and be present regularly is in fact doing you more damage than good.  It’s great to have inspirational people to look to, to wish and hope you are as great as them in time. However, having them there day in and day out, means you are giving to them and taking away from you.

Switch off, turn away, disconnect, lock out them out, and allocate lots of time for YOU and your business. By switching off to all of them, you will enable yourself to focus on your dreams, your audience, your creativity and your business flow. You remain strong in believing in yourself. You will eliminate the doubt, self sabotaging and lack of confidence that can slowly creep in. 

Give to you. 

Be kind to you. 

Be fair to you.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and suffocating because everyone has come into your space, then try some of these countermeasures to help you what has been taken, so you can have your creativity and self belief flowing strongly.

  1. Write a list of thing you love to do that always enable your energy and creativity to flow.
  2. Make a daily ritual to do something creative to keep your energy rejuvenated and flowing.
  3. Turn off your social media and technology that is filling your space, so that you have some time free from it to clear your head and thoughts.
  4. Have faith in your instinct and trust yourself. You do not need to have validation from everyone else. You know what best works for you.
  5. Close your eyes and think of how you want to feel in your business.
  6. Write those feelings down. Reflect on them regularly.
  7. Keep your feeling words somewhere special so that whenever you feel any of the negativity or negative thoughts, you can remind yourself of how you want to feel and then realign yourself back into your space.
  8. Go for a walk in your favourite place where you can ground your feet, feel the sand in between your toes.

Don’t let them take away from you. If you can connect with 2 people and make a difference, it’s more valuable than having hundred’s on your mailing list and connecting with no-one.

Remember the most unique and special thing about you and your business is YOU.

There is only one you.

If you are finding it hard to create your space and boundary, a life coach can help you get clear, gain clarity, create space, create boundaries, develop your self belief and help you strategies wholeheartedly where you want to be heading.