Don’t waste another year creating the same old type of vision board. Is your vision board images of what you want? Have you forgotten something far more important? 

Yes I can hear your brain ticking away wonder what.

When I ask you this key questions, it will and truly should change the way you view what you add to your vision board.


How do you want to FEEL?

There is no point in adding items to your board, whether in business or life, that doesn’t give you a feeling your desire.

So in your business, you might have on your vision board more followers on your social media, more money, more recognition, more events, etc.

So what does having more followers or recognition, going to do for you? How will it make you FEEL?

When you created your business focus on wanted you to want to feel. Such emotions as being fulfilled, empowered, creative, and living a life you love. So, when you are doing things for your business, or in your life, that is about how you want to feel you will find you have a better chance of achieving those successes, than just adding ‘the things’ you think you want or need.

What feelings do you want to feel this year?

Here are some to help you along,

  1. Inspired
  2. Empowered
  3. Fulfilled
  4. Gratitude
  5. Love
  6. Freedom
  7. Strong
  8. Courage
  9. Brave
  10. Happy
  11. Amazed
  12. Confident
  13. Reliable
  14. Free
  15. Kind
  16. Satisfied
  17. Important
  18. Energetic
  19. Alive
  20. Peaceful
  21. Serenity
  22. Enthusiasm
  23. Pride
  24. Honoured
  25. Kindness
  26. Balance
  27. Clarity
  28. Closeness
  29. Comfortable
  30. Elegant

Psst….make this year a year where you FEEL and achieve those feelings.

Time to start creating.