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We can at times in life find ourselves desperately trying to make something happen, or try to come up with an answer or solution. We get to the point where we feel overwhelmed and frustrated, even lost because what we are wanting is not happening or coming to us.

I recently have found myself in the exact same position on a personal matter, and for the last 9 months it’s been building up and up. There have been bouts of hope, possibilities and then down it would plummet.

I found I became frustrated more so, because everything else in life was progressing in leaps and bounds. And I was happy in those elements, seeing things progress and even occasionally exceeding my expectations. Yet, looming in the background was my one frustrating factor that wasn’t seeing results, completion or even glimmers of hope.

So what to do?

Walk away? Fight more? Get more frustrated? Get more lost?


I ‘surrendered to the universe’.

What does that mean?

I decided that I cannot control the situation, I cannot make it happen prematurely, nor could I really do anything about it as it was outside my control. I simply have to wait until the time is right and the opportunity is presented.

So, I walked along the beach at Phillip Island on a family weekend away, I looked to the crashing waves and blue sky, whilst the freezing cold air swept across the beach and I told the universe that I surrendered. No longer am I pushing myself in this situation, I am leaving it to you (the universe) to guide me on where I need to be going. After my surrender, I said a prayer, took a deep breathe and released the tension from my body.

It is so easy for us to become consumed by things or events we want to happen, when the reality is we can not control when and how it come to us. It is about letting go and trusting that when the time is right for us, the answers will present themselves. When we open our hearts to this, we see the guided messages being presented to us. When we become blocked by our emotions, and create barriers, we truly can’t see what lies in front of us.

There are many times the answers are right in front of us, or being presented to us and we’re not seeing them. It’s the fight between our ego (mind) and our intuition (heart). The harder it becomes the more we are allowing our minds to try and control our choices, if we release and just listen, be in our moments, we will discover what our intuition has been telling us the whole time.

I needed to learn to stop being so hard on myself and pushing for something I can not control. The reality is I want it to be presented to me at the right time and for the right reason.