Resistance to Change

We can often find ourselves wanting change, wanting something new to occur or a change of scenery. Often when change comes, many of us face resistance, the fear of the unknown. The worry it won’t work out or that we’ll end up going backwards in our journey.

Change can be something we create ourselves.

In business, change […]

The power of your tribe

Some people call them tribes, sisterhood, soul sisters, community, clan, support chicks, network and my gang. These are your foundation of support in your business and/or in your life.


“When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with cries of ‘me too!’, be sure to cherish them because these people are your […]

Journaling, what you should be doing.

I was working with a client, who is always extremely positive and happy, but I noticed on one of our calls she wasn’t her usual self, she was flat and feeling extremely over it all. We started chatting about what was bothering her and what we could do to turn things around.

I knew through our […]

Strategies to launching your new website

You starting a business or perhaps have felt its time for a rebrand and you have a shiny new website to show the world. But how? How do you tell everyone to ‘look here’! Here are some strategies to launching your new website.
You want to make sure you have your backend set up to track […]

The 1 way you can empower yourself in your business

We often, as business owners, get moments of feeling discouraged, downhearted, lost, overwhelmed, clouded and lacking self confidence. I’m going to share with you the 1 way you can empower yourself in your business.

Have you ever stopped to tell a friend, stranger, colleagues or even family what is it you do in your business, how […]

The new marketing direction for your business

What is your story? What brought you in your journey to where you are today? Why do you do what you do? Again, what is your story?

Everyone’s story is unique, as it’s their story.

No story is a waste, it’s a journey and very special one at that.

What am I getting at? […]

Facebook Group Etiquettes

There is nothing more comforting when you’re a business owner to find a Facebook group that truly resonates with you, your business, what you stand for and that houses like-minded professionals.

Unfortunately, we do see occasionally lines being crossed that causes an unnecessary unease.  One of the main ones I see frequently is business owners who […]

The importance of keeping aligned in your business

Too frequently when businesses are starting up, we feel compelled to work with anyone and do anything to build our momentum and customer base. Whilst great, it can in fact be negative too, especially when we fall out of alignment to our vision. This in turn can have negative side effects that you that perhaps […]

My Confession

I was very honour to be advised that I had been nominated for the Telstra Business Awards by someone I admire, Emma Isaacs – CEO of Business Chicks. Talk about pinching myself! I’m not sure which was more exciting being nominated or who nominated me. Both equally amazing and awesome.

I had to complete a submission […]

Why self care is an essential business tool

Many people hear self care and go ‘blah blah’ or ‘yeah, whatever’, but really it’s not a fluffy word that you should be ignoring especially when you’re running your own business, and here is why.

Over a week ago, I had a very unexpected set back and was booked into hospital for emergency surgery. This resulted […]

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