Words appreciation.


Anne is like having your own personal cheerleader, coach and careers counseller all rolled into one. She has amazing insight into what works and what doesn’t for business, she has a wonderful ability to make things you only dream of doing seem easy and achievable, and she guides and supports you in every way possible to make them happen. I simple would not be where I am today, and working on the plans I have for my business right now, without her.  

Fi Mim – Fi Mims Photography



As a business owner it can be easy to get caught up in one line of thinking, but by having other fantastic entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off your mind becomes open to so many different ways of doing things and new opportunities you never even thought of. The Business Women’s Collaboration Group has helped me uncover a key frustration of my market that is too often missed, and as a result it has inspired to change my approach. I highly recommend it!  

Amanda Jesnoewski – Velocity Media & Communications



circle-for-front-page-As a result of my coaching sessions with Anne my self-confidence and belief in myself have soared. Having her there to cheer me on and to hold me accountable in achieving my goals has made a world of difference in moving forward with my business. I am now motivated and determined to follow my dreams and this would not have been possible without her support and knowledge. Thank you so much Anne.

Judy Culgan – www.judyculgan.com


Simone Russell
When I started working with Anne I was overwhelmed with my seemingly endless to do list and felt like I was drowing. Anne provided useful strategies and suggestions to help increase my productivity and reduce my overwhelm. Anne you are a gem! Anne has so much knowledge and provided me with so many resources and handy tips to streamline my business! I came away feeling so much clearer and more confident in the steps I need to take to succeed in my business. Anne really empowered me to move closer towards my business goals. I can’t thank you enough!

Simone Russell – Yogamona



Anne Kristen Sinclairis super easy to talk to. She helps you gain confidence and clarity in your business and to realise your business priorities. She has a wealth of information and experience literally at her fingertips and she’s not afraid to share it with you. She is a coach and consultant in one handy package! Thank you.

Kirsten Sinclair at Kirsten Sinclair



Martina Whitby

With a big dose of wit and enthusiasm Anne has helped me craft my ideas from vague possibilities into a viable online offering. She has a wonderful ability to make suggestions and pose questions that help you clarify which alternative is best for your circumstances.

Martina Whitby – Martina Whitby ‘With Fresh Eyes’



Anne is very positive in her approach to coaching. She helped me to clarify my goals and work towards them in a step by step manner. I would recommend coaching with Anne to anyone who is feeling stuck in their lives and wants to move forwards.

Linda Farrow