Do you have times in your life when you feel like your energy is being taken away, or zapped from you? Do you feel exhausted and the thought of having to do something just feels like that impossible task?

Often we can find ourselves feeling this way and having no understanding of why.

Our energy isn’t just about having a ‘get up and go’ and moving through the day, our energy is our emotions, mindset, body and our energy field (what surrounds us).

When we have moments of feeling exhausted, zapped, over it, even tired. We also can find our body aches, no particular area, just a general ache, or it can feel like you’ve got a headache or cold coming on, even though you don’t.

When these signs present and you’re not sure why, it’s important to reflect on everything that is going on in your life. Often it can be one simple little trigger that causes the avalanche effect.

Allow me to share a personal experience.

Through one of my business (I run a couple) several years ago one of my clients had invited me to Sydney to meet the team. They were paying for my flights and organising a driver to pick me up. This never happens to me, what an exciting offer. And yet there I was freaking out, crying, stressed beyond words and having massive panic attacks.

Why? What on earth could be causing this?

My head knew this was an amazing opportunity, yet my emotions and energies were running the other way.

It was silly. It wasn’t until I reflected on everything going on around me that I was able to identify that one of my other clients I was working with was completely out of alignment to me. Our working relationship was kryptonite. It was impacting me so much, at that time I just had no idea how badly.

One of the key things about running your own business, is to ensure you are creating a business you love, and that even comes down to who you work with. You want to work with people that make you love what you do.

This obviously wasn’t the case for me, in this instance.

I decided to take action and called an in-person meeting with my client to talk about us ‘breaking up’. Knowing their personality, I knew the meeting would be very much about blaming me for everything. I didn’t care, because I was mentally prepared for what was to come. I offer to source a new person for them, and continue to support them until that happened. Maintaining professionalism is important to me.   Understandably they were feeling a bit (or slightly more) angry that it was me pulling the pin, not them. (Ego is a very emotionally driven) They refused all my assistance and were just like a little child cracking and slamming their bedroom.

I cut the ties with this client, and my life became calm again. I was able to mentally, physically and emotionally take my trip to Sydney. Which just quietly was AWESOME. The client took care of me, made feel so special and a valued member of their team. This is the type of energy and feeling I want in my business and around me.

What to do when your energies are being compromised to the point it’s impacting your life.


Identify what or who is causing your trigger, and how they’re causing it.


Now you’re away of your trigger. What measures are you going to take to address this?


One of the biggest things we do in life is allow everyone to overstep our boundaries. We need to understand emotionally what boundaries we need in our lives, what we’ll allow people to take from us, and what we won’t. What we will not tolerate. What our values are.


Understanding what makes your life a ‘perfect’ life for you. (No one has the same definition of perfect) What makes you feel empowered, shining, loving the life (or business) you have. What do you need to bring into your life (or take out) to add that balance.


Life changes, so make it a conscious effort to regularly check in with what is new entering into your world and ensuring it resonates with your values and your energies. It’s your life, make it one you love not one that makes you exhausted.


A great quote to remember

Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.


Your call to action

  1. Check in with how you’re feeling. Is something draining your energy, making you feel exhausted, down or simply over it.
  2. Identify what your trigger is.
  3. Plan a strategy on how you’re going to remove it or establish a boundary so it stops taking away from you
  4. Add in to this space something that is going to make you feel empowered. This is realigning your balance.
  5. Make a regular commitment/reminder to always check-in with how you’re feeling.