You have started your business; you feel so excited at the possibilities and ideas are absolutely flowing in. Suddenly, you notice she’s doing the same thing, and so is she. You start to notice a few others too. You feel disheartened because you think if they’re all doing it, why would anyone want to come to you. Right?

Go and stand in front of a mirror. See that woman looking back at you? Really look at her.


You are unique. There no other like you. Even if you are a twin, they are still not 100% you.

What makes you different to all these other businesses doing the same thing. 


People resonate with businesses by its personality. Every business has a brand, but with a brand comes a personality too. If you think of large organisations and brands you love, why do you love them?

Think of your favourite brands? What comes to mind instantly? Why them? What is attracting you to them? Now, who are their competitors? What makes your favourite brand stand out against them?

You are not your competitor, your business and your personality has its own uniqueness.

The business world is noisy and loud, because everyone is trying to get everyone else’s attention. What you simply need to do is, know your audience, trust yourself and your vision and stay true to you.

When you find, yourself drowning in the noise of everyone else doing the same thing, boundaries become your friend.

Boundaries enable you to block the noise, give yourself the self-care you need and focus on where you’re travelling.

Boundaries allow you not to be taken advantage of, to know what your values are and what you won’t tolerate.

Often boundaries are associated with blocking out, but it’s also about allowing in what serves you.

In business, EVERYONE else is the expert. Everyone else has an opinion. Does sound familiar? Same thing happens when you’re dating, getting married, having babies, separating, facing anything that life is presenting you. Everyone else feels they are experts and you need their opinions.

The challenge is to filter what serves you and what is wasted noise. These are your emotional boundaries. You don’t want to be rude to people but it also doesn’t mean you must take on board everything they’re saying. It‘s like shopping for shoes, you wouldn’t buy all the shoes in the shop because the sales assistant said you need them, you would only buy what you could afford or you desired.

Boundaries are not physical, they’re emotional.

They safe guard you, they enable you to feel strong, empowered, cared and help you maintain clarity on your direction.

When facing situations where boundaries are compromised, it’s important to step back. Take yourself away from the situation to give yourself space to refocus and realign yourself to your vision, feelings and mindset so you can restablish your boundaries again.

Taking the time to regularly step away from your business is a great way to always recharge and realign yourself. Don’t work every weekend or every minute in your business. Having space enables you to keep your energy flow and mind clear to uphold your boundaries. When you’re passionate about your business and the vision, yes you want to work on it 24/7 but you do need to take time out so you can allow more creative energies to flow. Best ideas often come when we are doing something totally unrelated. 

Your take home action.

Your take home action is to remember your vision and why. Remember you are unique and there is no one like you. Stay true to yourself and always be yourself in your business. Know your boundaries for what you want to allow in. Run your own race, and don’t waste your valuable time spending so much time worrying about your competitors and colleagues. Be where your target audience are. They will love you and embrace you.