As business owners, we are so passionate about what we do, and we only ever want to provide the best experience for our customers. Unfortunately, it’s most likely that we will along the way face a client that no matter what we do, they are just not going to be happy.

It’s hurtful especially when you’ve spent hours working on a project for your client and they come back with a simple I am not happy, and no explanation of what they’re not happy with and immediately put their guard up.

It’s hurtful when you’ve designed a product that the overall feedback from your community is that they are loving it, and then one customer decides they don’t like it and processed to bad mouth it to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Other than wanting to pull the covers over our eyes and hide in our bed to cry, because we are human and emotionally invested in our business, therefore we take feedback like these very much to heart.

These are the moments where we need to be our strongest and most self-believing.

We need to stop, take deep breathes, put our emotions aside and deal with the matter at hand.

Steps you can take to help resolve the matter are:

  1. Identify what the exact issues are that your customer is complaining about
  2. Determine whether the matter can be fixed. Be mindful that even if it can be fixed, and we can provide a resolution, some clients simply refuse to be open to listening let alone allowing you to fix the matter.
  3. Don’t apologise for something you didn’t do or simply to appease the person. The reason I’m saying this is, a mentor once said to me, never apologise as it gives the power to the other party. And especially don’t apologise for something that isn’t your doing.
  4. Offer a couple of solutions to the client, giving them the sense of freedom to choose what they want.
  5. Be open to the fact that you may, for the sake of your business reputation and longevity, refund the client and move on. Sometimes it’s just not worth the fight. Only you can determine this.
  6. Wish them well in their life. We never want to wish negativity on a client, because we can sub-consciously be attracting the negativity in our own lives. Something we don’t want.
  7. If you feel the matter needs to escalate to another level, then be strategic and speak to your lawyer. Don’t go jumping into Facebook groups looking for answers, because those answering are only going to be given by people who are simply sharing the information they know, whether it’s right or wrong. Be smart, be cautious and be safe.
  8. With all your heart, don’t stop believing in yourself. We aren’t for everyone, and many who don’t resonate with us, just keep walking by. Then there are others who can’t help but touch even though the sign says do not touch!

The best thing you can do when facing these situations is to note the lessons learnt from your side of things, and implement practices to avoid repeating them. These situations help build your business foundations.

Yes, it would be nice if everything was smooth and easy in life or business, but it’s just not the way life was made. If it was, how would we grow as people to be even better versions of ourselves.