You have a brilliant business concept or a new project you are keen to create and launch. You’re excited, you’ve spent months possibly longer creating, planning, strategizing and finessing. You’re ready.


You freeze.


You don’t launch, you make excuses, you start looking at whatever one else is doing and feeling yours isn’t good enough.


To your horror, suddenly another colleague in the same field as co-incidentally launch their version of what you’ve been working on. You kick yourself, because you hesitated. You didn’t act when you knew you should have.


You feel you should give up, put it on the back burner. Maybe you feel you don’t have what it takes.


Stage fright. Your insecurities creep in. Self-worth starts to be questionable.


Right here, right now. You need to STOP.


Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing.

Stop holding yourself back.

Stop overthinking it.

Stop making excuses.


Take action.


It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to happen.

Psst….you can fix it up as you go along.


Who is this message for?




All of us who are second guessing our gifts.

All of us who think no one wants what we have to offer.


As Marie Forleo says ‘No other person ever has, or ever will, have the unique blend of talent, strength and perspective that you have’.



Trust you.

Trust it will all fall into place.

Trust that if it does go wrong, it will just need fine tuning. Or you are to learn what you don’t want or need to be doing.


No experience is every wasted, no experience goes by without valuable lessons and knowledge.


Just take it one step at a time. Nothing more, nothing less.


Don’t risk another moment of feeling someone else has beaten you to the punch. Jump now. Do it. Live with no regret, live with success.


The key is to start before you’re ready’ Marie Forleo