As 2016 comes to an end, I am taking this moment to reflect on the year I’ve had. It has been an amazing year with a few challenges thrown in for good measure! 

Taking the time to reflect has allowed me to appreciate what I’ve achieved. Quite often we don’t realise how far we’ve come, because we get so caught up in focusing on what is ahead.

Whilst I sit and jot down the stand out moments, I really rejoice in how much I really did achieve and never stopped to give myself credit or even a pat on the back for. And of course, there were some challenges, but nothing that didn’t help making me a stronger and wiser woman!

My highlights have been

  • Being nominated for Telstra’s Business Awards by someone I’d admire (Emma Isaacs from Business Chicks)
  • Launched my MailChimp ebook
  • Launched and run my online live workshops
  • Ran my first Mastermind
  • Ran 30 days Social Media Challenge
  • Finalising my second ebook – Establishing your virtual business 
  • Launching in early 2017 my new membership website ‘Collectively Aligned’ – a networking and educational platform for women in business
  • Launching in 2017 two e-courses (super excited!)
  • Creating a better balance between business and family.
  • Establishing stronger boundaries.
  • Creating me time and doing more of the things I love.

In addition to achieving the above, I juggled three little angels (one at school, one kinder and one attached to my hip!). And yes, I’m that mum who raised her hand to be the school class rep, the kinder newsletter and website rep… which all came with their own list of tasks.

One of my valuable outcomes was the guidelines my husband and I set, in no work or studying (him) at least two nights a week, avoid working on weekend, have regular dates nights either couch – movie, wine & us or a night out (we try to choose new restaurants to try).

The challenges were simply managed by taking it one step at a time, not more. 

I close out 2016 with gratitude and thanks.

A HUGE thanks to my husband for his endless support, mentoring and laughs.

My parents for their encouragement, babysitting and cups of tea/coffee.

My colleagues for the laughs, support and inspiration.

My clients for believing and trusting me, and allowing me to work with them.

My social media family for always being there, and liking my work and creativity.

YOU, for being here and reading my work.

The Universe and God for always guiding me.

My intuition for never letting me down.


So…. What next?


My intentions

What do you hold for me?

What do I seek?

What do I hope for?


My hopes for 2017 is

  • To bring clarity and balance.
  • To keep creating what my audience needs.
  • To not stop trying.
  • To take it one step at a time.
  • To hold my self-worth.
  • To keep working at and where I shine most.
  • To keep listening to my intuition and trusting myself.
  • To laugh even more.
  • To keep having those hot dates with my husband.
  • To be the best mum I can be, and be mindfully present for my children always.
  • To be kind to myself. It’s not easy and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight.
  • To add ingredients of self care.


To regularly stop, be thankful and hold gratitude for all the steps in my journey.


TO YOU. I hope 2017 brings you what your heart desires. If you feel a tad bit stucks or needing some support, clarity, ideas or just a sounding board. My door is always open, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.