I recently held my first online workshop. My choice for doing an online workshop was to make it work within my timeline and family needs. I also working heavily in the online world so it would only be natural and exciting that I go this way. 

I have a nickname ‘Scout’, my sister gave it to me in my early 20’s for always being organized. And in preparing for my first workshop, I felt I was in my ‘A’ game and ready for action.

When I started my coaching course and my trainer was talking about us, coaches, needing to step outside our comfort zone and do live speaking gigs, I was like HELL NO. It is not going to happen, it’s just not my thing. Plus, my target audience want the intimacy of a sacred space with me.

My vision of what a workshop was, was a room filled with 50 plus people and me standing upfront uncomfortable as all hell!  But really a workshop is “a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.” There is no minimum or limit on how many people are in your workshop.

I have for a long time been saying things like “when I loose weight I’ll have confidence and then I’ll do it”, “no one is going to want to want to hear me speak”, “what would I present on” and so forth. I was pretty much talking myself out of the possibilities.

I think little steps are the best way to go to wards you biggest goal. Throwing yourself in the deep end doesn’t always have the desired outcome we want, and in some cases can in fact cause more damage.

Taking my first step towards a workshop was hosting an online LIVE workshop. My A game was a must and planning imperative. However, no matter how organized or planned out you are, you won’t truly know how it’s going to flow until you do your first one.

I had my training manual done.

I sent my attendees their dial in details to the live streaming.

My workshop had a maximum of 5 people.

I had mapped in my head how it was going to flow and what I was covering.

I had the mindset to be calm should anything go wrong.


My workshop took place. It went really well, students loved it and I had a great time imparting my knowledge to them.


The wonderful outcome from my workshop was seeing one of my attendees post the following comment

I want to give a big shout to Anne Clark. I just attended Anne’s MailChimp workshop and it was informative, inspiring and comprehensive. The information was a credit to Anne’s technical and intuitive abilities. Not only did she take us through the “MailChimp” components, she included branding, style and other rich, pertinent, abundant content. It was a golden opportunity to bridge my gaps and now I am so inspired to send out my newsletter and play with its look more. Feeling confident, inspired and knowledgeable. Thank you Anne


What would I revise going forward?

My next workshop is schedule for September, so I plan to do the following:

  • Make changes and updates to my training manual to refine some of the information towards areas I think would be more suitable.
  • Have a sheet on my desk mapping out what I’m talking about to ensure I keep on track and don’t feel I’m going backwards and forwards (which I did feel I did at one point)
  • Have pre-prepared examples to show my audience. I had thought of this literally minutes before we stared…bit late!
  • Write up an introduction about who I am. Didn’t really go too much into this (not a fan of LONG intros, but probably should have shared my background for creditability)

What I have really decided to do is invest in me so that in 2017 where I have planned a series of different workshops. So that I am not learning from workshops what I’m lacking or needing to adjust, I am making sure I have it all sorted and covered before hand.

I have enrolled into Eventhead’s Wonderful Workshops. I’m so excited she’s going to teach me it all. Come and join me in the course.

And if you want to enrol into my workshop MailChimp for Beginner, click here for available dates.