We often fall into the false sense that in order to be able to be success and grow in our business, we need to be aligned to groups that are the same profession as ourselves. This is not true, in fact this could be more damaging.

If you are a professional (like me) say a coach, hanging around your own profession (fellow coaches) can lead you to feel the need to compare yourself to others in the circle. Looking at who’s doing better than you, who are the favourites, who seem to have their business going in the right direction, etc.  Psst….always remember that professionals are only going to tell you want they want you to hear, which is often the success never the hard yards.

Being in a circle of the same professional is like being the wrong tribe, especially if you’re not gaining the support and essentials you need for you to grow. You can in fact find yourself constantly being taken advantage off, rather than being supported.  Being in the wrong professional group can result in you feeling depleted or low self-worth.   Some professional can experience themselves being muffled, because ‘favourites’ or ‘louder’ members are claiming spots that you may have desired, but you can’t be.

When you feel any or all of the above, then be honest and trust yourself.

Walk away.

Walking away doesn’t mean you’re betraying anyone, you are simply sticking to your truth and sometime we need to do it alone to gain clarity. When we are surrounded with noises from the same professional it can so easily drown out your inner self and your intuition.

Walking away also doesn’t mean you can’t come back either. But you need space. Space to breathe, listen and trust yourself.

For you, it’s important you just focus on you and your message to the world. Shut out and walk away from things that are not serving you.  You may need to unfollow their social media, unsubscribe from mailing list, remember yourself from their space. All this is totally okay.

Once you’ve stepped away and given yourself some room to breathe (and perhaps heal if you’ve been hurt in the process), take some time to reflect on what your vision and goal was. How you saw your perfect day in your business.

Map out your plan, goals and paths you’d like to take to get there.

Remember to do it all one step at a time, trying to jump ahead or do too many things at the same time results in nothing being achieved. Small steps and small celebrations for each step is what your journey should be about.

The most important thing to remember is, YOU. What connects YOU to your audience is YOU. Two people may do the exact same thing, but people will resonate with you if you’re the right fit for them. You are not necessarily drawn to the same things as your colleague so the same principle applies to those coming to you.

You are unique.
You are you.
There is only ONE you.

Go and find your community that needs you, share your expertise, share your story and ALWAYS be authentic and real.

Soar like an eagle and fly high in that sky. There is plenty of room and it’s waiting for you.

Want to reconnect to yourself, learn to trust your intuition again, and really take your business to a place like never before. Make it a business you love. We can work together and help realign you to where you want to be going on YOU journey. Book in for a discovery call and let’s see how high we can make you fly.