Today we are busier than ever, our minds are overflowing with the multitude of tasks we needed to get done yesterday, we are juggling our lives between work/business and family/friends. We don’t give ourselves time or space to be present, to switch off and to cleanse.

Tell me, when do you not see someone holding their phones and checking emails or social media. I’m always saddened when I go to a restaurant and a whole family who could be there laughing and sharing stories are all face down with their heads at their phones. We are missing valuable quality time.

copy-of-blog-template-6a-2We never allow our minds to switch off. We are constantly giving our bodies sensory overload.

One of the biggest reasons we should digitally detox is it allows space in our minds for creativity. Additionally, it gives us the mindset that we can breathe, hear our thoughts and be mindfully present.

If you’re finding yourself caught up in the digital world and needing some down time, here are some techniques you can include in your life:

  • Try turning off your devices or stepping away from them at a set daily time. An hour before bed is a good place to start. This allows your mind to wind down and you’ll find your sleeping habits improve.
  • Turn your phone on silent when driving and put it in the boot of your car, so you have NO distractions and can enjoy the music on the radio and sing your heart out. (…and that is very therapeutic in itself!)
  • Create your bedroom to be technology free. Allow it to be a free flowing room from all technology where you are sleeping buzzing free.
  • Dinner time, is that dinner time. No phone or ipads at the table. It’s a good example to teach our children too. Enjoy the even meal conversations with your love ones.

  • Lock in quality time with loved ones and have no technology around when doing so. This will allow you to be present, listening and focused on who you’re with. They’ll appreciate it so much. And it makes your time so worth while.
  • Have one day a week technology free. Turn your phone off on a Sunday, so you can truly relax and enjoy your day. Put your focus on something fun and soulfully good.

And lastly,

  • If you’re going away on holidays. Keep the technology usage to a minimum. Buy some books to read, do fun activities, relax by the pool side, go site seeing. There are plenty of other things you can do rather then have your head down and missing the world go by.

Make today the start of your new detoxification, AND