Starting a business can feel amazing and scary at the same time. In honour of one of my favourite dates in the year ‘International Women’s Day’. I have invited fellow colleagues/business women to share their 

“one business tip to women starting a business”

“Make sure you know what you want and need your business to really look/be like (and why) before you get too far down the road. You need to be honest with yourself about the type and amount of work you want to end up doing, what the size and structure of the business you really want is, what makes you happy and fulfilled (and what drains you too), the location, the people, everything. You need to know what success and happiness in your business looks like to you, and why you want it, because then you can make sure you steer your business towards that, not just what you think it should look like.”

Kate McKibbin,
Head Nerd & CEO, Secret Bloggers’ Business

“Build a business that you love, not a business that you think can make money. Because if you don’t love it you will always find it hard to put in the time and energy that is needed to grow it.”

Jodie Preiss
Founder, Inspiring a Difference

“Well behaved women rarely make history. So make some noise so that your customers can find you ? whether that be networking or social media. Put yourself out there!!”

Emeli Paulo
Life Strategist Coach, Facilitator and CEO of Collective Potential

“To learn about Human Design. Finding out your Human Design type and strategy will make the most incredible difference to your business success. And Human Design will help you in understanding your strengths, where you are wise and how to make decisions that are right for you.”

Ros Isbel
Find Your Natural Groove

“Just do it, start right now. Stop waiting for the perfect time, because there will never be one. It’s also really important to get into action, get out of that thinking space in your head. Ask yourself what is one are (no matter how small) that I can take right now that will get me closer to where I want to be? And then do it. Once you have taken that first step the momentum of being in action will keep you going. The first step is the hardest.”

Ali Clyne
Health & Life Coach, Ali Clyne

“Stay flexible. Stay Open. What you think your business is will change, possibly many times, in the first few years. Start lean so that you can pivot and change easily as you explore what your business really is and what your customers really want.” 

Kathryn Hocking
e-Course Coach and Soulful Launching Mentor,

“Always trust your own instincts , even if you are going against the ‘norm ‘ . It’s great to be inspired by what others are doing but always do it your way, with your unique flavour on it .”

Melissa Zammit
Fertility Healer, Pure Energy Therapies

“Listen to the first intuition, and go with that – don’t second-guess or doubt it. The intuition is the true calling; the second-guessing are old ways of thinking and old voices that you internalised from others!”

Marion Rose, Ph.D.
Mothering Mentor

“Focus on taking action to build confidence, work with a coach and find female mentors to act as role models who can share their experiences.”

Janelle Ledwidge, Certified Life, Longevity + Leisure Coach
A Glittering Soul

“Choose your business name, product names and services names carefully! Do your due diligence and make sure you’re authorised to use the name BEFORE you get too attached to it.”

Lisa Win
Trade Marks Attorney, Win Trade Marks

“To continually take action.  No matter how big or small it is.  Sometimes we get taken off course or we slip up with all we want to achieve. When we take action, we send a direct message to the Universe that ‘we’re in the game’.   It’s a positive energy that keeps us moving forward.   It’s an energy that becomes self-perpetuating, making it harder to stray from our path.   And … it feels good.    Keep moving.  Keep taking action. My mantra, ‘Motion is my magic potion’.”

Kate Barnes
Kate Barnes Health Coaching and Family Mentor

“Create a business that is a aligned with your personal values and reflects what you feel passionately about. Get really clear about what is driving your desire to work for yourself. When challenges arise, as they will, it’s helpful to remember why you started. For example, if one of your biggest values is ‘freedom’, then maybe a bricks and mortar business is not going to be the right fit for you. How do you want to feel and which type of business would truly reflect your essence?”

Michelle Marie McGrath
Self-love Mentor for women birthing their soul gifts into the world, Michelle Marie McGrath

“Just start! You can do it, don’t listen to the doubt or excuses. Start and do something each day that moves you closer to your goal. Ask for help, do your research, network with other women in business who get it and just keep going.”

Simone Russell
Life coach, self-love and mindfulness mentor from Yogamona

“Do You!  Do what truly lights you up in your business.  Create a product or service or theme that helps your customers fulfill a need AND makes you come alive and fills your heart and soul with bubbly goodness. This is not an AND or OR option either – you need both these things to design a joyful life – a transformation and result you can give your customers + something that gets you excited and creative every time you think about it. So create something you know works and that you could talk about and help people with all day. Choose a topic that you have been loving learning about and applying to your life and helping others around you, and take that passion into your conversations with clients. They will love you for it. And then connect with the clients who you LOVE working with. Life is too short to create a business that isn’t you.
Finally, do the things in your business that you are super good at as much as possible and find others (like the fabulous Anne) to help you do the stuff that isn’t in your genius zone. And most importantly, check into your intuition whenever you have a decision to make – it will always help you block out the noise of your noisy mind and ego and give you the ideas and creativity to bravely take your next step.”
Clare Fitzgerald

“Always follow you heart. Do what makes you and the world feel more connected, vibrant and loved.”

Pamela Rauleder
Yoga Sanctuary & Beach Yoga (Director), Yoga Sanctuary

“Have patience. It can often seem like people have immediate success in business, but often it is the result of a lot of planning, research and hard work behind the scenes. Give yourself time. Learn everything you can about your industry. Get to know your customers and potential customers. Spend time building products and services that add value and crafting offers customers can’t help but buy. As frustrating as it can be to wait, time is your best friend and teacher.”

Amanda Jesnoewski

“Do your homework before you start, know your business and have passion for what you do to ride the waves of happiness and doubt that can ebb and flow when starting a business.”

Julie Rainbow
Director, Clarity Road

“Do one thing every day towards building a business that you would be proud to call your own.  Some days this may look like the development of a new marketing idea or scoping a huge new project.  Other days it might look like publishing one single social media post, or sending one single email, or simply granting yourself permission to step away and rest or do something self-caring so that you can show up wholeheartedly for a business commitment the following day.  The size of the action does not matter, but constantly being in action absolutely does.  All of those single things very quickly turn into a LOT of momentum and focusing on one thing at a time is a great way to tackle the overwhelm that can so quickly form in those early stages of business.”

Johanna Parker
Life + Confidence Coach and Speaker, Heart Sparks

“Start before you are ready and surround yourself with supportive people who will conspire for your success and provide a shoulder to lean against when doubt, fears and comparisons sneak in. Trust me they will sneak in but there will always be someone who believes in you a little more that you do.  Enjoy the journey – entrepreneurialism is the best personal development program out there; it will refine you. You will laugh and you will you cry and it’s during those crazy times that you will find your inner strength and learn to love the incredible person you are becoming.  What ever you do, do it well. Serve others wholeheartedly – with passion, commitment and dedication. Help enough people to achieve their dreams and yours will be fulfilled in the process… and most importantly; trust your own intuition – It’s usually right. Stay in your own lane, embrace your space and have the COURAGE TO BE YOU.”

Brenda Tsiaousis
Business Empowerment Coach | Connector of Dreams, Brenda Tsiaousis International

“Connect to your why. Starting a business is an emotional rollercoaster and there will be amazing highs and some challenging lows. But if you are completely connected to your why, your message and your purpose, that will help you remember that all of this is worth it. “

Jade McKenzie,
Founder, Event Head

“I love the quote by Marie Foleo – ‘everything is figureoutable’. There are so many obstacles with starting a new business that it can often be overwhelming.  Technological challenges can have you crawling up into a ball in the corner!  The main thing to remember is that no-one does it on their own.  Reach out for help!  Everything is figureoutable :-)”

Danni Crews
Relationship Therapist, Relationship Workshop
 “Clear strategy and consistency are key to building unstoppable momentum.  Write down your business goals and your key milestones and work towards that next milestone. You will have days of self doubt, you will be tempted by shiny objects, you may be disheartened by seeing others seemingly having overnight successes yet claim to work far less than you do. Stay the course, work towards your milestones with a clear strategy and consistency and soon you will be a rolling stone gaining momentum down the hill and nobody will be able to stop you.”

Louise Griffiths
Online Marketing Strategist, Left Brain Online Marketing

“Get yourself a support crew, and surround yourself with people who get it, and strap yourself in for the ride of your life! :)”

Sue Muller
Life Coach, Smile Chickie


“Find a mentor to help you through the first year, preferably someone in your industry, who can guide you, be a support and give you a gentle push when needed.”

Kim Pridgeon
The Green VA

“Read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. Set your business up so that ANYONE can run it… and with the view that one day in the future, you will sell it. So many people are sole operators, and the entire business relies on them. I am a sole operator, but I have a procedure manual, and have trained up a number of friends – so that I can go on holidays every year – and friends can just take over for a few weeks.”

Jodie Daniels
Deadsea & Golden Beach Cabins

“Don’t look outside of yourself for the answers. Trust yourself. Back yourself. And believe in yourself. You already have it all there within you.”

Renée Longworth, 
Feng Shui consultant, Energetic Healing practitioner, Geomancer, Space Clearer and Meditation Facilitator

“Listen to what your intuition (inner self) is telling you. When starting a business it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by everyone telling you what you must have, and how you must be operating your business. However, they will never truly understand YOUR vision, only you do. Learn to trust yourself and stand by what feels rights for you.”

Anne Clark
Business + Life Coach, Envision Empower Succeed