We celebrate International Women’s Day #BalanceForBetter by recognising dynamic women in business who are sharing who they are, their business start up tip and who gives them the inspiration they need!

I’m so honour and excited to be showcasing these leading women.

I’ll start with myself first for those who are new to my website. A big welcome to you.

Anne Clark | Envision Empower Succeed

Envision Empower Succeed is my passionate to help women truly build their businesses whilst keeping aligned to themselves, their beliefs and visions. To learn the fundamentals of healthy boundaries and create their unique lifestyle balance. Yes, we can have it all and it’s never too late to start. Starting my entrepreneurial journey in my 40’s and working with clients chasing their journey in their 30’s to 70’s is INSPIRING and the proof in the pudding, limitations are only what we perceive.

Business start up tip:

When starting your business it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same, because everyone suddenly becomes the experts telling you how it’s done. Trust yourself and listen within, because you know what your true vision is. Only take onboard things that feel right for YOU. And should you fall, just get back up and keep trying.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I’m a big fan for Australian female entrepreneurs and Emma Isaacs, Founder of Business Chicks inspires me. I loved reading her book ‘Winging It’, learning how she stumbled here and there, but she never gave up. Keeping her eyes on the bigger prize was inspiring and motivating for me for 2 reasons, #1 keep pushing in my own business, and #2 keep reading more book like Emma’s because they truly motivating.

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Gabby Hammett | Gabby Hammett Styling

Gabby Hammett Styling is about helping people look and feel the best version of themselves. We can all look amazing not just the models! I style clients in both Brisbane and Melbourne and they range from mother of the bride to corporate professionals. Sometimes it’s a photoshoot and other times I work individually with clients. Some clients are looking for new direction on how to dress as their body shape has changed or their personal circumstance and they simply don’t feel right in what they are wearing.

The styling service I offer is a supportive reintroduction to Your Style. It always starts with a Style Consultation so I know your goals and needs. This way I can target the shopping session to your needs and it becomes a smooth and seamless experience for you, no confusion, no feeling overwhelmed in the shops. The Shop with a Stylist session is usually 3 hours long and it’s where the magic happens! New ways of dressing become evident and coordinated outfits are brought together! It’s a relationship of trust, understanding and discovery. The result? You step away feeling supported and fabulous. You will be excited about wearing your new outfits that you know fit perfectly, fill the holes in your wardrobe and look amazing. See why I love my job?

Business start up tip:

Network and mingle! Start building relationships and find amazing mentors. Network with other like minded business professionals who are growing alongside you and soak up knowledge from all sources. Don’t say no to opportunities to learn and to get your business name out there. Give back to other’s businesses and they will support you also.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Lisa Gorman …she has built an amazing clothing line, Gorman Clothing, using quality fabrics and clever designs … especially to suit and flatter all types of body shapes. Her line is fun and quirky which I really enjoy. She used to be a nurse many years ago and has worked hard over the years to make it in fashion and build up her brand. I can only imagine how consistent and hard working she has had to be. Her line is beautifully curated on her website and emails …. the quality of images and styling is amazing. And her customer loyalty is growing every day. It is very strong in Melbourne, as I saw when her shop filled up with 10 people, all serious buyers, at 10 mins after opening time. Lisa is creative director for Gorman Clothing and remains innovative and responsive to customers.

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Lisa Win | Win Trade Marks

Win Trade Marks. As a Trade Marks Attorney, I help business owners to protect their brand, such as their business name, logo, product names or service names.

Business start up tip:

Do your due diligence before choosing a business name and check to see if a similar name has already been registered as a trade mark or is being used another business.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I’m inspired by Denise Duffield Thomas because she has consciously created a business that perfectly suits her personality and lifestyle.

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Casey Lightbody | The Quiet Collective

The Quiet Collective exists to inspire and empower introverted, sensitive, quiet women to step off the sidelines and create successful lives and businesses on their terms.

Business start up tip:

Work on your mindset as much as your business strategy from Day 1!

Business woman who inspires me is:

Jennifer Kem because she’s whip smart, down-to-earth, ambitious and fun and not afraid to show all of this of herself. She practises what she preaches and shares her lessons from living through her challenges, mistakes and life experiences in an authentic, vulnerable and honest way. She fully lives into her values which are so aligned with mine that love learning from her.

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Beáta Alföldi

Beáta Alföldi – I am a medicine woman, retreat leader, spiritual catalyst, ceremonialist, author and speaker. Through global retreats, workshops, 1:1 Skype sessions and online programs, I assist individuals to realise their creative potential and discover the power within to transform, heal and empower their lives. I believe that we all have the ability to change our lives when we realise that we have created our current circumstances. When we bring the shadow aspects of ourselves into the light of awareness and take responsibility – real transformation, healing and empowerment can take place.

Business start up tip:

Earn money while you build your dream business.

If you want to start a small business, don’t quit your day job – yet. Launching a successful startup is a process. Build your business in stages and gradually transition from employee to entrepreneur.

As a new business owner, it will take some time to earn a steady income. Keep your nine-to-five and work on your own business after hours and allocate time on weekends so you can earn during those challenging, initial stages. Once you have a healthy inflow of cash from what your really passionate about, you can step into your business full time.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Marianne Williamson – a women whom I admire greatly, for her passion, courage and commitment to Spirit. She is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist and author of four #1 New York times bestselling books. She has been one of America’s most well known public voices for more than three decades. Seven of her twelve published books have been New York Times best sellers and Marianne has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America, and Bill Maher. A quote from the mega best seller – A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.

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Donna Marks | The Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant – I am a virtual assistant and online business manager helping entrepreneurs and small business to create success fast. Just like any other assistant, a VA/OBM are all about “making your life easier”, a sidekick that works behind the scene so you can get back to doing what you are meant to be doing. I look after business social media – content creation and design, websites, email management, business administration and so much more. I believe small business owners should spend less time working In their business, and more time On their business.

Business start up tip:

Never stop learning. Breathe. Take one day at a time.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Ita Buttrose would have to be the women that inspires me. Apart from the fact that we were born on the same day, she is an extraordinary business women and journalist. Not only is she an AO but was inducted to the Victoria Honour Roll of Women, as well as so many accolades. For me, being so successful in a world of powerful men and competing with the likes of Kerry Packer and many more, she has done it extremely well and all with grace and dignity, still today.

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Julia Jones | Newborn Mothers

Newborn Mothers. When a baby is born so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth. The transition to motherhood can be overwhelming and lonely but it is also an opportunity to re-invent yourself, because your brain structure and even size actually change forever! Rewire your brain for peace and joy with Newborn Mothers.

Business start up tip:

Just start! Take imperfect action and start small. You are enough. Start today!!

Business woman who inspires me is:

Denise Duffield-Thomas for helping me realise that mindset is 80% of running a business! Strategy is never enough.

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Tatiana Scott | Tatiana C C Scott Photography

Tatiana C C Scott Photography. I work in various areas of Photography – Food, Products, Interiors, fashion and Portraiture photography. I love the process of the creative work, from concept, to styling, to the final images.

Over the years I have been involved in numerous Community Organizations and Social Justice Projects. I have a background in film photography and I have been doing some documentary style photography as well, where I can capture a very intimate moments of peoples lifes.

Business start up tip:

Be really good at whatever service you are offering, the market is oversaturated with people offering services (specially on the Creative Industry), so make sure you are offering the best, don’t think that you can do a mediocre work and lots of marketing and you will do well, the quality of your work will determine everything.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I was very lucky to have Michelle Williams as my teacher when I studied at Melbourne Polytechnic, she is a very talanted Commercial Photographer and very generous with her support and advice since I finish my course. Photography is a very difficult industry, it’s very competitive and as a freelance we can feel a little tired of never knowing where work will come from, chasing people to pay invoices, etc, so it is really nice to have someone that I can talk about the difficulties I encounter and Michelle has always been very kind with me. Sometimes it is all that is needed for a freelancer to keep the motivation and keep going. Thank you Michelle!

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Jodie Preiss | Inspiring a Difference

Inspiring a Difference exists to awaken you to the truth of your own power. To let you know that one person (you!) really can make a difference – for yourself, and for your world. Eventually Inspiring a Difference will incorporate a vision which includes a methodology around challenge-driven impact. For now, it begins with my story, my lessons, and my inspiration notes. Inspiring you to move beyond hope and take action. This action starts as small drops in the collective impact pond, that lead to ripples into the world and inspire love, kindness and possibility.

Business start up tip:

Do something that lights you up, that makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning, and that inspires you to keep going even when things get tough…because a start-up is hard work. Without that passion for what you do, it is so easy to burn out – or to be inauthentic in how you come across to your audience. So find what sparks you….and create something around that.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I have followed a lot of different business women in the past six or seven years, since I started exploring business for myself. I have also unfollowed a lot of different business women in that time! The one person I have consistently followed and been inspired by is Danielle La Porte. I love her writing, her speaking and her work, and faithfully complete The Desire Map each year to uncover my Core Desired Feelings. She continues to inspire me, however, for her honesty, integrity and values – and for following her heart and soul every time.

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Amanda Jane Daley

Amanda Jane Daley. I’m a Business Mentor for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs who want to get consistent clients and income in their businesses. I believe that Health Coaches will be a pivotal part of the health care system in years to come, and I support the work of those who are ‘birthing’ a new industry into mainstream society. I teach them how to market themselves online, build rock-solid business foundations, and hone their mindset for success.

Business start up tip:

You’ll get nowhere without passion. You’ve gotta care so much about what you do, otherwise you’re not gonna get anywhere! Bottomline? All the business skills can be taught, but if you’re not passionate about what you do, you’ll give up when the going gets tough. Which it will! You need to be doing something you’re willing to speak about, and get visible about — so it had better be something you’re passionate about. There will always be challenges in growing a business, so the ONE THING that will keep you centred and strong is your passion. Don’t start a business unless it’s something you DEEPLY care about.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Jada Pinkett Smith!! I love her wisdom and her willingness to bring topics we don’t often talk about openly and honestly to the forefront, so that we can learn how to have difficult conversations with maturity. This skill has not modelled to most of us, especially as women, and it’s a skillset that is truly needed if we are to run successful companies. We must be able to hold effective conversations without taking things personally.

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Jayne Day | Webonize

Webonize is an online marketing agency and consultancy servicing clients both here in Australia and internationally. I am a marketing strategist and business success consultant offering complete online marketing strategies and solutions to business owners so they can be found online by their ideal clients using strategies that will work for their business. I implement a range of solutions that all work together customised to each client including email marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, Facebook Advertising and Instagram advertising and content marketing.

Business start up tip:

Believe in yourself and don’t give up. Working on your mindset and personal development will be the best thing you can do in order to grow a successful business.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise has grown her business into a hugely successful multiple six figure business from nothing. I met Denise when she was first starting out and I thought she was inspiring then but they way she has grown her business on her own terms and still having the lifestyle she enjoys is truly inspirational. Her teachings and her books have been instrumental in changing my mindset and the goals I set for my own business.

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Louise Hvala | Alifery

Alifery is an online platform leading the legal profession into the future by connecting ASX listed companies, private businesses and law firms with highly experienced expert freelance lawyers.

The freelance platform, which boasts 700 users, was launched due to demand from businesses who increasingly have short term projects and who don’t want to deal with red tape, unnecessary overheads and legal budget blowouts.

Business start up tip:

Ask a lot more questions generally. Firstly, ask for time with those more experienced than you. They have a wealth of knowledge to share and it will save you time and money in the long run. Secondly, don’t be scared of them saying ‘no’, often if they don’t have the time they may know someone who can help you. Don’t feel bad, guilty or afraid about asking questions, because when you don’t ask, you can do so much more damage to your self-esteem and your business, so avoid the pitfalls and ask questions!

Business woman who inspires me is:

Kemi Nekvapil is an inspiration to me. She is committed to empowering women to be themselves and to nourish themselves (on a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level) every single day, which you need to do to succeed and survive in business.

Her values are very inspiring, and I’ve seen her speak many times. One of her teachings is that, “You are enough!” which is a mantra I’m passionate about.  I believe each one of us has our own special gifts to share and we should not try to be anyone else just to please others. We should be ourselves, always.

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Dr Aifric Boylan | Qoctor

Qoctor is one of the leading national medical websites providing GP consults, prescriptions and medication online. We’re also now the biggest provider of medical certificates in the country.

Business start up tip:

I have learned that retaining presence on the frontline of the business for as long as possible is key in so many ways, like for understanding how your business works, detecting problems and most importantly for fuelling growth. You’ll always go that extra mile for a customer when it’s your own business, and then they’ll tell their friends and family how good their experience was! Of course it’s important to delegate and grow a team who can continue your work with the same energy, but that early investment of time and making that personal connection is gold. 

Business woman who inspires me is:

I admire many businesswomen, but I am most inspired by my mother. When my father died suddenly several years ago, she had to roll up her sleeves and learn the business while still dealing with her loss. Having been a stay-at-home mum to six kids up to that point, this was certainly not part of her life plan, but she is a capable and determined woman, and got stuck in. This was in the post GFC landscape in Ireland, so it was an extremely difficult time to inherit a business, especially one based in commercial property.  She has really grown into the role. Her self-belief, consistent hard work and willingness to learn are an inspiration to me every day.

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Isabella Hanley | Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting

Ruby Tuesday Digital Consulting, is a digital marketing consulting agency focusing on working with women in small business to help them get a handle on their digital presence.

Business start up tip:

Don’t sit around waiting for the day when all conditions are perfect and it’s the ‘right time’. If you want to start a business and work for yourself, just jump in and do it.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Roxy Jacenko. She is a bad ass lady who knows how to get shit done. I love her work ethic, transparency and honesty. These are all values that I strive to uphold in my own life and business.

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Maxime Nolten & Sarita Johan | Maximum You

Maximum You. Women’s holistic wellbeing. We believe empowered women empower women and it all starts with a strong physical body, a clear mind and the ability to tune into a purpose bigger then ourselves. We create resources, programs and workshops to support women in designing their unique life’s blue print- so that they can contribute to the world around them from a place of overflow.

Business start up tip:

Look after you first and foremost, don’t let the importance of self-care and nourishment take a back seat. Business is a marathon not a sprint and if you burnout the business can’t thrive. Having good habits in place from the get go will mean you the energy to go the distance.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Marie Forleo because she is authentic and heart centred. She has built an empire around her personal brand and has a desire to truly make a difference with the resources her business has generated. Roxy Jacenko. She is a bad ass lady who knows how to get shit done. I love her work ethic, transparency and honesty. These are all values that I strive to uphold in my own life and business.

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Fae Albulario | Style with Fae

Style with Fae is about empowering every-day people to look and feel amazing in the clothes they choose to wear. With a personalised approach, Style with Fae offers personal styling services focusing on individual needs, whilst transforming you to be the best version of yourself. Whether you are interested in learning how to dress for your body shape, want to feel amazing at your next event, or need a complete style makeover, Fae’s mission is to continue to transform the lives of others buy helping them discover their own confidence through style.

Business start up tip:

Find your passion and stick to it. Starting up a new business isn’t easy. In fact, it’s going to be hard. You’ll face so many challenges, some of which you never thought you would have to. And it’s so easy to let those challenges take over and lose hope in yourself. But it’s at these times, that you have to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Let your passion take over and be the bread of your business. When you do that, anything is possible.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Lauren Di Bartolo is the founder and director of the Australian Style Institute – a woman I’m so lucky to have learnt from and the reason why I continue to push myself as a stylist. Lauren is a successful business owner, an exceptional mentor, and an amazing stylist. Her teaching style is so inspirational, and her personality is so infectious – it’s no wonder the ASI community is massive! Lauren not only teaches you how to be a great stylist, but how to be an even better human, and that says alot to me.

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Ann-Joyce Hancock | Psychic Medium

I am a Psychic Medium, I help those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. I help them to understand that death does not separate us & that love continues on after we pass, i also offer guidance & advice from the spirit world & also by tuning into your aura i can tell you things about you or family members that may be of help to you moving forward. I am a Reiki Master and offer Intuitive Healing in person in my studio, my abilities are extensive & I love helping those who are in need of some guidance or closure or both.

Business start up tip:

Do your home work about your industry.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Oprah Winfrey! She never took no for an answer, she’s a pioneer for women & humanity. She has remained humble yet strong, she is my inspiration.

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Emma Beilharz | The High Tea Mistress

The High Tea Mistress creates unique modern high tea experiences. We also have an online store for all things tea and high tea.

Business start up tip:


Business woman who inspires me is:

The women that I work with in other small creative businesses inspire me the most. It is not easy to find, and sometimes you have a few trial and errors, but when you do it’s totally worth it. Finding your core creative hub allows you to sound and create even more unique and incredible things than you would on your own.

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Daria Jelcic | The Nanny Collective

The Nanny Collective is a nanny referral service. We specialise in sourcing highly qualified, professional nannies and placing them into diverse families with a variety of requirements and demands. We work alongside a wide range of families including high profile/executives, traditional family households and everything in between offering a professional and personal service to both our clients and candidates.

Business start up tip:

Keep it simple! You might have lots of ideas to begin with but to get started you just need to keep it simple. Run with one big idea that will make a difference in your industry and focus on doing that exceptionally. You can always branch out later on.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Tina Tower inspires me. Tina is an Australian entrepreneur, author, and now high performance business consultant. She is the founder of the Begin Bright franchise, a school readiness and primary tutoring centre franchise. Now she assists other entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

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Charlotte Wilkinson | Hello Sister

Hello Sister. Female focused brand consulting in Asia – delivering insight, innovation and strategy to brands targeting and engaging women.

Business start up tip:

Network and surround yourself with a support system, both from a skill set and emotional level.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Melanie Perkins of Canva, she seized an opportunity and now enables 1000’s of small businesses to deliver high quality brand design.

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Leonie Fitzgerald | Wealthology Australia

Wealthology. Empowering humans globally to transform their money and their mindset to live a life desired I guide people through life-changing transformations. Having purchased my first investment property aged 18 I’ve been a property investment specialist since 2009. I’ve helped thousands of individuals create life-changing positive influences, impacting the way people can live, in abundance with prosperity. A finalist in the Women of Business Awards of Australia 2017 I’m known for my genuine approach to life and am committed to helping those who would like lasting results.

Business start up tip:

Work with a mentor or coach because you become a reflection of who you spend time with. We tend to avoid what we fear most doing and ironically it is these feared actions that often lead us to achieving our goals and living the life we desire. The best musicians have vocal coaches, professional athletes train with coaches and people wanting real success in their lives seek professional coaching, to learn, grow and excel. Human beings do more, be more, and achieve more when someone is holding them to a higher standard. Accountability is a very powerful tool.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Rebecca Miller – The Skin Whisperer because she empowers women to feel confident and educates them to love the skin they’re in! She has an incredible podcast called Living Your Best Life where she has some brilliant guests and recently shaved her head to raise $20k to make a difference and find a cure for cancer. The woman is a gun business owner and entrepreneur and is blazing a trail and taking her beautiful team of ladies with her. She’s real, she cares and she shares a lot on social media, inspiring other entrepreneurs to see what’s possible.

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Miriam Sandkuhler | Property Mavens

Property Mavens is Melbourne’s leading independent property advisory firm. Offering award winning buyer and vendor advocacy services to time poor professionals, anxious investors and frustrated home buyers needing professional advice and profitable outcomes. As experienced Buyer’s advocates, we research, source, assess and buy investment grade property for clients to meet their needs. As experienced Vendor Advocates, we provide support and guidance to clients selling their property, minimising stress and maximising results We help Australians of all ages to buy and sell smart, enabling them to achieve their desired outcomes and seamlessly move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

Business start up tip:

Join a business community of like minded entrepreneurs to develop a professional support network. After all, you are who you surround yourself with and family may not understand what you are doing or why.

Engage experts to help. This includes an accountant, legal advisor and an experienced and qualified business/industry mentor to guide you in your specific profession or industry – this can make all the difference re success or failure.

Don’t be too trusting. If yours is a great idea, it’s worth stealing, so protect your intellectual property via trademarking, non disclosure agreements and copywriting your materials.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Julie Bishop. While not a business woman per se, she has been an inspiration regarding how to survive and thrive among the “boys club” , while maintaining her loyalty, dignity and grace during volatile times. Having served under 4 PM’s and been the most popular politician in recent history, it has been to Australia’s detriment that she wasn’t elected to replace Malcolm Turnbull. I hope that she now goes into the private sector and coaches’ women how to bypass and ignore the boys club, and create empowered communities of women who support and promote each other to succeed.

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Stacey, Erin, Alex, and Mallory | Brooklyn Irish Dance Company

Brooklyn Irish Dance Company a women owned and operated business that started as a way to give Irish Dancers the creative means to perform new and exciting works in NYC and the surrounding areas. The goal of Brooklyn Irish Dance Company is to educate and inspire our community with the power and passion of Irish dance. Based in Brooklyn, the company aims to break boundaries and engage audiences with innovative and accessible performances of Irish dance and music.

Business start up tip:

One tip for women looking to start their own businesses: do not assume you’re not qualified or prepared enough to make the leap. We realized this after producing our first show, and utilized each of our talents and skillsets to make the production a success.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Our childhood dance teachers were an inspiration to us when we decided to start this business. We watched them bring awareness of Irish Dance to our surrounding areas, and built a positive learning environment from the ground up. One of our teachers started her dance school with no outside help in a new area, and got a second job to receive healthcare benefits. The hustle of bringing this sport to new audiences is another reason why we created the company.

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Tara Langdale-Schmidt | VuVatech

VuVatech is a medical device company that helps women worldwide who suffer pelvic/sexual pain.

Business start up tip:

I learned that being successful also means being organized. Running a small business is like being a circus ringmaster. I have dozens of things happening at once. So I have a daily task list, things that I need to do. And I list them by their priority. It’s sounds simple, but it works, and makes me far more productive.

Business woman who inspires me is:

My home economics teacher, Mrs. Reynard, really gave me the self esteem I needed in high school. She might not be a entrepreneur, but she did teach me how to be one. She saw that I had a drive that most children did not. She used to tell me that I could do anything I wanted because I was different than the other kids. I was having a very hard time at home and she gave me the positive reinforcement that I needed to keep my spirits up and a smile on my face. You never know how to can change someone’s life with a few small compliments and a little extra caring.

Connect With Tara at

Nyaima Smith-Taylor | Art & Alchemy

Art & Alchemy is an organization that provides practical techniques, services, and products to uplift, inspire, and deepen one’s connection to Self. I loves working with individuals to help them release their inner Glow and radiance. Our premium products are Transformational Adornment. “Adornments that Beautify the body and Speak to the Soul.” In addition to Beautifying the wearer, these artisan pieces are energetically balanced and programmed to gently remind the wearer of their greatness. Each piece is handmade. All our pieces are meant to foster a conversation about and promote self-love.

Business start up tip:

Business is a state-of-the-art vehicle at your disposal. You can use this path to create new culture and powerful legacies. So make sure your vision is big enough. Be exhilarated by the ride. Make the journey so enjoyable that no matter what the end results are you can say, “it was worth it!”

Business woman who inspires me is:

Sister Kwayera Dawn Archer. She successfully built an amazing organization called Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy. A cultural organization dedicated to supporting the creative, educational and vocational development of youth and families of African descent, immigrant and under-served communities. They provide programs in cultural awareness, performing and visual arts, as well as academic instruction, health and wellness, and professional skills development. She is now the founder and Chief Vision Officer, of Global Ase, an International firm established to assist leaders, organizations, corporations and communities who are working for social good. She is a model of love, light, power, and beauty. And she is an ageless Diva. Someone paving the way, an example to emulate.

Connect With Nyaima at

Charell Star | That Star Life

That Star Life is the hub where young women to be empowered, inspired and entertained. We tell stories that are encouraging, optimistic and fun with the goal of helping you be your best self.

Business start up tip:

My one tip for business start-ups is don’t walk this journey alone. It’s easy to get bogged down in the work of keeping your business going but you must make sure you’re not closing yourself off from the connections you need. Seek out other founders and entrepreneurs who you can talk to and bounce ideas off when you need it. Having a support squad will help you get where you need to go faster.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I’m so inspired by Bozoma Saint John. I love how she’s blazed this amazing business trail in media while remaining her bold, and vibrant self. She doesn’t conform and is spectacularly unapologetic about who she is. It’s clear she knows the value she brings to the table and she uses that value to open doors for women to follow behind her.

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Donna Sgangarella | FinFit Wealth Solutions

FinFit Wealth Solutions is a one stop shop for all your finance needs. We are a dynamic, motivated, and enthusiastic team that aims to inspire our clients to great heights. Think of us as your ‘personal financial coach’; we’ll help you reach peak financial fitness.

Business start up tip:

Write a business plan. Take the time to research and document your target market, marketing strategy, cash flow needs, your business goals and financial targets. Understand any obstacles and how you can overcome them. Most of all do everything with PASSION. If you are passionate and have a plan you are going to be well on your way to success.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Amanda Stevens. I have heard her speak twice at conferences and she is the master of storytelling. She is so captivating, engaging and motivating. She genuinely wants to help others and has very simple messages that are so powerful. She helps turning clients into advocates.

Connect With Donna at

Lauren Clemett | Ultimate Business Propellor

Ultimate Business Propellor is about personal branding.

Business start up tip:

Get 100% clear on what you want to be known and respected for. It’s an overwhelming World and you cannot be everything to everyone, or do everything your entrepreneurial brain comes up with! The human brain is exposed to over 5000 branded messages a day, so in order to stand out, you need to be laser focused.

Setting a clear goal of what you want to do with your time, the legacy you want to create, who you want to surround yourself with and why you are so driven to achieve it, will help you avoid overwhelm and what I call WOFTAM marketing – a Waste Of Flipping Time And Money!

Once you have created a visual goal for your future brand and business, you will instinctively make the right choices that give you the ROI you need as a start up.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I could say the usual Oprah, Marie Forleo or Lady Gaga (who are all awesome) but I am totally inspired by the everyday woman who is doing extraordinary things.

I’m an awards judge for the International Women In Business Awards and I get to see inside literally hundreds of amazing women led businesses.

No matter where or how they started, what their challenges and which industry they are in, or if they are employees or entrepreneurs, I am in awe with what women are accomplishing.

It’s sad to say, so many women I meet don’t think they are good enough to enter awards, that they haven’t achieved enough or been successful enough. It’s simply not true and it would be awesome to see more women going for it and standing tall on a World stage.

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Kate Dinning | Out Of Office – The Podcast

Out Of Office – The Podcast. An over-excited professional story teller and a bad-ass General Manager of good times – We are two 26 year old’s doing business AND doing life in a world where it sometimes feels like we have too many choices, too many changing landscapes, and not enough time. We are committed to working SMARTER, learning as much as we can and sharing it – after all what is knowledge if it isn’t shared? We talk Business, Personal Brand, Mindset, Goals, Success, Social Media, and everything in between… and we won’t apologise for being real about it.

Business start up tip:

What you believe – you will achieve. If you want to be a number one brand, act like one. If you want to influence people, act like you already do. You’ve got to level up to where you WANT to be!

Business woman who inspires me is:

Arianna Huffington – she has made being fearless less scary for women all over the world. She is bold, brave and hugely inspirational.

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Adala Bolto | ZADI Training

ZADI Training a boutique franchise fitness studio , specialising in excercise science strength/HIIT training for women. We created ZADI to meet the millennial women’s fitness demands to provide female-specific training programs, the most effective metabolic workout combinations, bespoke high energy space with night club atmosphere and a community of like-minded, strong women who get sh*t done!

Business start up tip:

Manage your expectations as you stay focused on your vision by knowing exactly what outcomes you want to achieve but, be very flexible with the process on how you get there. This is a much more realistic expectation as there is no script and things will not always go exactly as planned. Some sacrifices have to be made. Most successful people can make it look easy throughout their journey because they get it done without complaining, but they did not achieve success without putting in the hard work and making sacrifices.

Business woman who inspires me is:

There are so many business women who inspire me for different reasons. However my inspiration to start my own fitness brand to cater to today’s woman definitely came from the amazing Fernwood CEO Diana Williams. She is one of Australia’s most successful Business Women. She is self-made, positive and after 30 successful years, she is still very encouraging and passionate about supporting other Female entrepreneurs. I have been very fortunate to have Diana as a mentor and business partner in ZADI training.

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Keli Hammond | B Classic Marketing & Communications

B Classic Marketing & Communications is a boutique branding firm that helps entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world better articulate their value proposition, build awareness of services and resources, define the best strategies for growth, improve the effectiveness of digital and social marketing efforts, execute tactics in support of strategic objectives, and increase bottom-line revenues. In short, we help people build deep, meaningful engagements with their customers and best tell their brand story.

Business start up tip:

Network, network, network. For entrepreneurs, especially newbies and start-ups, building your network and connections will be vital in helping grow your client or customer base. You have to get comfortable talking about what you do and how it’s valuable to other people. When you’re out, tell anyone that will listen about your brand, just be sure to focus more on the outcome (what people gain from collaborating or working with you) over simply listing the products or services you offer.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I’ve always admired Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox. As an African-American woman in leadership, I’m always looking for other women that were able to climb the ladder despite the obstacles and glass ceilings. Seeing Ursula in that role made me feel like large-scale business advancement was attainable. Even though she has since resigned from that role, she once sat at the helm of Xerox, and that’s monumental, especially considering that after her departure there were no other African-American females in a role of this type in the world.

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Gina Di Brita | Numero Uno Artisan Coffee Roasters

Numero Uno Artisan Coffee Roasters. We are the number one experts in helping start-up cafes, bring great coffee to serve their customers, while helping them profit from their business. We work with neighbourhood cafes to major corporate companies such as JP Morgan. Our mission is to affect the entire coffee value chain, helping advance small holder coffee farmers, particularly women in coffee through our Direct Relationship Coffee Initiatives, bringing coffee missions together.

Business start up tip:

Never limit yourself, because of someone else’s limited imagination. Believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. Start with researching your industry, then create a business plan. Speak to someone who has already been there and doing what you want to do. This person may even be a mentor within your industry.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Janine Allis the founder of Boost Juice. I’ve watched her on Shark Tank. Her approach to any business deal was savvy and fair. I have a lot of respect for her tenacity and grit because she built her impressive business portfolio while being a mother at the same time. She is a true influencer as a professional business woman who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth when it comes to challenges in business and is very down to earth.

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Jennifer J Lehr | WeConcile

WeConcile is an educational online do-it-yourself relationship repair application. It is an affordable tool and a journey, helping motivated couples improve trust, intimacy, safety and connection through established relationship science.

WeConcile provides a place for couples to learn, explore, discover and reconnect using educational material, exercises and guided discussions. WeConcile can be used alone, or in conjunction with a therapist.

WeConcile grew out of my work with couples and seeing that they needed more options that included affordable, yet in depth resources to help them in their relationships.

Business start up tip:

Your start-up will change you. You will have to grow into a bigger person, a person who stands behind her vision and holds both an openness to the universe and a determination that is unstoppable. Start-ups almost always take much more time, energy and resources than one initially believes. To get from start to finish requires holding onto your vision through the difficult times. It requires digging inside to find your sense of worthiness and using that to fuel you in your journey. This journey is one of the gifts of tackling a business start-up.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I am inspired by J.K Rowling. I am inspired by her ‘rags to riches’ life. I am inspired by her business self and by her writer self. I am inspired by her courage, her humility, and her independence. In addition to being a writer who overcame great odds to find success, she is a high-powered business woman who maintained creative control over the films adapted from her books and became her own publisher, allowing her to keep all royalties from her books. I am inspired that she has taken her business success and used it to enable her philanthropy.

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Tierany Griffin | Suite Spot Communications Boutique

Suite Spot Communications Boutique, specializes in consulting, publicity and content services for urban creatives, bloggers and influencers. We work with our clients to establish and optimize brand identity, automate campaign execution, and define strategy effectiveness to create success and help find the “sweet spot” in your industry’s landscape! We are the game changers in reshaping perceptions, introducing new concepts, and amplifying business buzz – all while making it feel like a Saturday coffee date with girlfriends.

Business start up tip:

Authenticity wins every time. Build brands, products, and conversations that are authentic to your talent, skill set, and personality. This will help you to continue to build genuine connections in everything you do and help you stay in tuned with your “Why”.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Aw man, where do I start? I have a number of women who inspire me, but one of my recent inspirations is Lena Waithe. Lena has become a change agent in so many communities which has opened opportunities for others to tell their story in a raw, yet fearless way. I love women who don’t mind going against the grain, but with intent of change.

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Lori Cheek | Cheekd

Cheekd reimagines online dating with an app that makes missed connections obsolete. Cheekd uses a cross-platform low energy Bluetooth technology, which fosters hyper local engagement. The app connects people in real time, versus virtual time. Connections begin in person; Cheekd helps you take the next step and continue the conversation online. Cheekd ensures you ‘Never Miss a Connection’; thanks to this new Bluetooth technology, the app works on the train; on a plane… anywhere—You’ll get a notification if someone who meets your criteria is within 30 feet of you. If you’re near a potential spark, Cheekd makes sure you know about it.

Business start up tip:

My strongest advice for others considering taking the entrepreneurial leap is if you truly believe in your idea, give up excuses and doubt, surround yourself by a trusted and talented team, bulldoze forward and DON’T. LOOK. BACK.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Arianna Huffington, a self made world renowned journalist, media mogul, and philanthropist is a true inspiration to me. Despite suffering endless failures, criticism and rejection throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she stood true to her vision and became one of the most influential business women in history.

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Amber Budd Peterson | Amber Budd Atelier, LLC

At Amber Budd Atelier, our goal is to make sure every client can comfortably and confidently go out of the house with out makeup – we do this by creating a positive environment and of course, having GREAT skincare products.

Business start up tip:

Don’t try to be someone you aren’t – own your uniqueness and use it to your advantage.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Sara Blakely from Spanx – she couldn’t afford a patent attorney so she went to the library to learn how to file it herself! As a bootstrapping startup there were so many things I couldn’t initially afford to pay people for, so I learned how to do it myself!

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Gemma Stow

I am the Founder of The F Movement, that empowers ambitious women to stop hiding and supports them to step into the next version of themselves so that can break through their own ceiling and reach their ambitions. I understand peak performance and use high level coaching techniques and accreditation such as ICF/ NLP/ CBT to help my clients find their fierce confidence and ‘do what they can’t’. A former probation officer, I utilise my previous career to help my clients work through challenging behaviours, understand the links and have the breakthroughs they need to get the success they want.

Business start up tip:

My one top tip would be to say YES to opportunities. We spend far too long overthinking and this can stop us before we start.

Get a phrase or mantra that will help you say yes more quickly to do those things that scare you and you will increase your confidence and see results in your business or find likeminded people who understand what it is like to run a business and can keep you accountable. Support network is everything.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Sheryl Sandberg inspires me. Her book called ‘Lean in’ which is all about what I am passionate about; the importance of female leadership, is a game changer for all ambitious women. She is the COO of Facebook and is a positive role model for women who want it all, but to see instead how they can have what they need for themselves without the pressure from society, ‘Perfectionism is the enemy’ and I am inspired by how she has talked about the issues that need talking about by both women and men to move towards true equality.

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Stacy Verdick Case | Peony Lane Designs

At Peony Lane Designs, I teach women to Upcycle furniture & re-love what they already ow to reduce spending & waste.

Business start up tip:

Don’t over think it. A lot of women give up on the verge of success because we over think things.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Oprah of course! She had so many odds stacked against her and built a monster brand.

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Tammie Horton | Phynix Initiative

At Phynix Initiative, we build resilience in individuals, organisations and communities through a number of services including resilience and motivation coaching, access to the Driven Resilience Program, Mental Health First Aid training and workplace implementation. Our message is we want people Set Themselves on Fire (metaphorically) to find their Inner Phynix by living a life that is P – Passionate; H – Hope-full; Y – Young at Heart; N – Noetic; I – Indomitable; X – Xtraordinary.

Business start up tip:

Plan for the worst case scenario because in Australia we have tendency to think it won’t happen to us but time again businesses are struck by disruptions such as power outages, loss of IT, or loss of key personnel or natural disasters. If this was to occur at a critical time like a program being launched, an event taking place or finalisation of a business merger, the business may not be able to recover.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Lisa Messenger because she lives her life full out with passion and dedication and everything she does is aligned with her ‘why’. She is not afraid to take risks, she learns from her mistakes and she uses her creative to overcome obstacles.

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Erica van Engel | Belief in Business

Belief in Business is a boutique agency that helps impact driven women to build a social enterprise with clarity and confidence by offering coaching, consulting and connecting services.

Business start up tip:

To make a difference you have to be different. Look for ways for your product or service to be of value for a single client but also for society as a whole. The sweeter the profit.

Business woman who inspires me is:

I’m a great admirer of Jane Chen, the inventor and founder of Embrace, a low-cost infant warmer that has already helped save more than 300,000 babies in 22 countries who might otherwise have died because their mothers lacked the means to reach a hospital.

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Kara de Schot | Studio Eight Social

Studio Eight Social. We are a small but mighty team of very clever* Facebook marketing experts that work with female success coaches to grow their biz. My name is Kara de Schot, and I am the Lead Strategist here at Studio Eight Social. I have been working with high-ticket success coaches (both male and female) for a while now and know the importance of having a lead generation system in place. I also know the time and dedication it takes to develop a mult-tiered digital sales funnel with consistent monitoring and audience testing to keep it working as optimally as possible for my clients.

Business start up tip:

Surround yourself with serious mentors. The kind you pay to hold your hand through the rollercoaster ride that is starting a business. You want to get above the clouds and at cruising altitude as fast as possible, and a coach is the way.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Every and all of them. Anyone who has single handedly started a business from an idea and grown it to become a viable and profitable business, they are my heros.

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Sally May Sparks-Cousins | Sparkle Class Academy

I help female coaches & consultants feel comfortable and confident with using live videos to share their message and drive more consults where they can talk to their ideal client and close more high-ticket sales. I empower women to feel confident in their own skin so they can inspire others with their knowledge by using their face, smile and voice to be able to attract their tribe. I guarantee through my coaching program that you will be able to close 50% of your consults without feeling salesy or pushy, by having a simple structured conversation I have a strong belief in paying it forward and coming from a place of service.

Business start up tip:

80% of what you do will fail, but the 20% of what works will bring you 80% of your income. Never give up, keep taking imperfect action and fail forward!

Business woman who inspires me is:

I have a few mentors that I look up to and aspire to be like. Amy Porterfield because of her sharing nature and willingness to give and serve first. Grace Level for her massive imperfect action attitude. Valorie Burton for her mindset strategies for how successful women think differently, and to acknowledge this as a strength and not a weakness.

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Fabiola Gomez | LUXit

LUXit is a premium mobile beauty and well-being service. Our premium services include makeup, blow dry, manicure, pedicure, spray tan, massage therapy, facials, cosmetic injectables, and mens grooming/barbering – all at your doorstep!

Business start up tip:

One tip that all business start-ups should know is a genuine demand for their product or service. Coming up with a business idea is exciting however, determining that there is a market for your business is more important. Some business start-ups forget this invaluable tip, which results in their failure and discourages them and inevitably lose time and money .

Business woman who inspires me is:

Arianna Huffington inspires me due to her dedication and work ethics. She believes that “failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success”, I believe that success comes with failure and it is important for the future generation to learn from their set backs . Huffington openly voices her opinions and ideas. I believe that in order to have a successful business, it is important to be your authentic self and speak from the heart.

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Taryn Young | The Dreamers and Doers

The Dreamers and Doers is a community of women who have come together to inspire, motivate and empower others to become the creator of their life and have the courage to take massive action on turning their dreams into reality.

Business start up tip:

I founded, The Dreamers and Doers, after coming across this quote that truly resonated and inspired me – “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” My biggest tip is to find the tribe that will lift you higher

Business woman who inspires me is:

Melissa Ambrosini is one of my biggest role models as we went through very similar journeys and both had the courage to turn our pain into passion as well as share our story with others to inspire them to do the same. Melissa always lives in her truth and presents herself authentically to others which has allowed me the strength to do the same.

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Cassandra Trezise

I have a passion to empower all to change the way they think about themselves, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. I encourage entrepreneurship, spirituality, creativity and innovation and lives life to the absolute max. Most mornings I wake up and pinches myself as to how incredible my life is, but I am also acutely aware and honest about the bumps and tumbles along the way but would not have life any other way.

Business start up tip:

Learn as much as you can from the women in business you admire. Take the time to understand and set a plan. Don’t make your business your sole source of income, build and enjoy every lesson. The right time will come when you can make your business and passion your income.

Business woman who inspires me is:

Any woman who can balance work, family and a side hustle has my entire admiration. It is a tricky juggle.

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