Why business boundaries are important for your business

Learn why establishing boundaries in your business is so vital.

When they judge

There is a quote that says ‘Never judge someone without knowing the whole sort. You may think you understand but you don’t.’ (author unknown). This quote is so valuable for those who face those moments of fearing judgement by friends.

I want to explore this topic because it’s coming up for many around me ‘when they […]

Why leaders should be focusing on the WHY people.

For those of us who have worked in the corporate world, we have all heard phrases like ‘Only Yes people get promotions’, ‘No people are difficult employees and will never go anywhere’, ‘They’re a Yes person’, or ‘another YES person got promoted’. 

Well, I think management, leaders and those looking down, need to STOP and pay […]

What To Do When Client Relationship Becomes Sour

As business owners, we are so passionate about what we do, and we only ever want to provide the best experience for our customers. Unfortunately, it’s most likely that we will along the way face a client that no matter what we do, they are just not going to be happy.

It’s hurtful especially when you’ve […]

How to choose a coach

Life is a roller coaster; we experience highs and lows. Through the course of our ride, we can find ourselves needing an expert for various reasons, whether is a business strategy, a life change, a support network or a sounding board. Determining what your needs are, will define who is most suitable for your needs. […]

Learning to spread your wings and soar

We often fall into the false sense that in order to be able to be success and grow in our business, we need to be aligned to groups that are the same profession as ourselves. This is not true, in fact this could be more damaging.

If you are a professional (like me) say a coach, […]

How to regain your power, and stand in your own truth.

Had that moment where you suddenly realised you are doing, and being someone, that is NOT who you are, that you’re surrounding yourself with people that if you are honest are fake and not your people. It happens. It happens unintentionally, and sometimes we can see it sooner than later.


It’s okay, we all do it. […]

Stop holding yourself back

You have a brilliant business concept or a new project you are keen to create and launch. You’re excited, you’ve spent months possibly longer creating, planning, strategizing and finessing. You’re ready.


You freeze.


You don’t launch, you make excuses, you start looking at whatever one else is doing and feeling yours isn’t good enough.


To your horror, suddenly […]

How to build your self-esteem

Our self-esteem can impact our business and life in ways that stops us from rising to our full potential. It can be triggered by anything as we know. When self-esteem stops us from succeeding or just living a life we want to love, then it’s truly time to take action.

“It’s not what you […]

How to strategically move forward in your business

We often hear that we must keep going forward, grow and take the next leap. BUT this isn’t truly the case. If you’ve created a business you love, and you want to grow, it’s often we can suddenly find ourselves at point where nothing feel aligned, nothing is what we thought it was going to […]

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