Book Review – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

For many they would cringe at the title given the use of the word ‘bitch’. I wasn’t bothered by this at all. I found Denise’s writing style easy to read, and the content relatable to the world we live in today. I loved that there was reference to famous women we love and know. Showing that even the big stars, face these challenges and we are not alone.

Book Review – Winging It by Emma Isaacs

Winging It by Emma Isaacs, founder and CEO of Business Chicks.

I haven’t read a book in 8 years, since having children and yet I couldn’t put this little gem down.

Emma Isaacs is open and candidate in her book ‘Winging It’. She shares her entrepreneurial journey in developing and growing Business Chicks. Along with her journey […]

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