Winging It by Emma Isaacs, founder and CEO of Business Chicks.

I haven’t read a book in 8 years, since having children and yet I couldn’t put this little gem down.

Emma Isaacs is open and candidate in her book ‘Winging It’. She shares her entrepreneurial journey in developing and growing Business Chicks. Along with her journey to starting in the workforce, previous business venue, business highs and lows, valuable lessons learnt and things she would change. 

Winging It is full of insight tips and idea to help get those business creative juices flowing. I personally have found since finishing the book, my creative ideas list is long, and my eagerness to start doing is in full throttle (which I love). 

Some of the takeaway tips for me were;

  • Stop holding yourself back.
  • Successful entrepreneurs fail all the time, it’s about picking yourself up, learning and trying again but a different way.
  • Being a true leader is showing how you handle yourself when things go wrong.
  • Often the best way to succeed is by just going for it and winging it along the way. 
  • Stop making excuses for the things you’re not doing, as you are really only cheating yourself.

Emma has connected with other entrepreneurial women, who have kindly shared some of their ‘winging it’ moments, some with great successes and others with lessons to learn. 

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy here today.