This book has been on my ‘to read’ list for a while, so finally got around to reading it with my challenge this year to read at least one book a month. This is my way of getting back into what I love, but never make time for it. It’s an achieveable goal.

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! 

For many they would cringe at the title given the use of the word ‘bitch’. I wasn’t bothered by this at all. I found Denise’s writing style easy to read, and the content relatable to the world we live in today. I loved that there was reference to famous women we love and know. Showing that even the big stars, face these challenges and we are not alone. 

Some of the praise displayed at the start of the book, such as;

“Denise is one of the most honest, transparent, unapologetic voices out there leading women to prosperity. Her work is so important.” Kate Northup

“Denise offers….so much value and openly and honestly shares what has worked well for her business – and what has not.” The Huffington Post

I totally agree with these. Denise does speak openingly and honestly in her book. But not only that, she gives great examples of leading ladies having faced challenges and some of her ‘Lucky Bee’s’ experiences too. 

What I loved was that at the end of each chapter, Denise gives a recap of your key takeaways from that chapter, referred to as Chapter Summary. A simply bullet point list of what you need to be taking action with.  

We have heard about the Laws of Attraction, and for many understand the principle of our mindset being the important factor in what we are attracting into our lives. Think negative, get negative. Think positive and look at things from a positive point of view, completely changes how you see the world and how the world sees you.  

It completely impacts how you’re SHOWING UP. For women, this is important. 

I personally know Denise from a course we have both taken. She is as down to earth and approachable, as she comes through in her book. I felt at many times, she was just talking to me directly and found the words on the page were every day easy to understand and action language. 

Denise brings the modern day touch to the Law of Attraction. The book guides and teaches women to take ownership of their own money and self-worth, to smash those money blocks and get on the path to abundance. It’s empowering and actionable. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have taken away lots of valuable information to help impact both my business and personal lives. 

If you have not as yet read it, then do yourself a favour and grab a copy today. You won’t regret.