Everyone is talking workshops. Do you find yourself wondering if workshops are for your business? Perhaps you have the fear of standing up in front of people (I know I do). Or maybe you feel you don’t have anything to say?

The short answer is YES. Yes, to all of it.

Let me explain.

#1 Is Workshops the way to go for your business?

Workshops are a way for you to get your key business expertise and message across to a wider audience, rather than just 1:1 client sessions. They’re also a great way to build your creditability as an expert in your field.


#2 Fear of standing up in front of a crowd

This one sings me. I have blocks holding me back, and I’m working on those blocks. However, I don’t want to hold myself back in moving forward in my business.  So, let me break the mindset of what a workshop is. No longer do we see workshops as only being live events you attend, sit and listen to the key speaker passing on their wealth of knowledge.

Today, we see entrepreneurs hosting workshops in the online world. Yes, from the comfort of my own desk, I can attend a workshop by someone I admire and am keen to learn from on the other side of the world.  Time zones can be a minor hindrance but they all offer replays so it’s a win win.

For those fearing to stand in front of a crowd, intimate (small) workshops online are great. I run several myself and I love it. Everyone is in the comfort of their home, pj’s if desired and not looking for parking etc. We get to connect (just like any other type of workshops). The potential is to run even large ones online.


#3 Nothing to say

One of the most common creators of this misconception is to stop hanging out with your peers in the same field. This leads to self-sabotage, where you start comparing yourself to them and thinking they have it better and are doing it better, and you feel you have nothing worth saying.

Well, I can happily say YOU ARE WRONG. Why?

Your target audience is different to theirs. Yes, you’re both in the same field, and may even be working with the same audience type. The difference is SIMPLE. It’s YOU. People resonate with different people.

We can all be saying the same thing, but one person will deliver it in a way that click with some and not others, and vice versa for you.

Our uniqueness is us and how we present the information.

Please, stop fooling yourself to think that they have something unique and completely different. No, they don’t. They only thing they’re doing that you’re not doing is actually doing it. Start singing, the world wants what you have.


Now, my lovely fellow coach and friend, Jade McKenzie from Eventhead is the master of all things events. Jade launching her Workshop Wonders and if you’re want to not only run event but make them a stand out, then I highly recommend you check it out and take action.

You see, events don’t have to be a room filled with hundreds of people, it can be dinner for 5, workshop for 12, inspired day for 80, conference for 150 or presentation for 400.

How you deliver it and how you present yourself is what makes you unique.

Create an event that is reflective of what you love. When you are in love, everyone can tell. So, create an event, workshop, conference, whatever it may be, but make it one you love and them all wanting some of what you’ve got! (wink!)