7 Steps To Empower You is an email series guiding you to regain your clarity, self belief and to help you get clear on where you’re heading. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by life’s complexities or simply feeling overloaded with information. This email series will help you set yourself up to head clearly in the direction you desire.

You are amazing and you have the right to achieve what your heart most desires.

Through my email series, I hope to help you remove the notion to self sabotage, help you define your values, define your why, handling feeling overwhelmed, finding your tribe, finding your motivation and creating your daily affirmations.

My email series will discuss the following areas and provides exercises to help you along the way.

Self Sabotage

Exploring why we self sabotage, how you can identify our sabotages and what we can do to change this around.


Understanding what our personal core values are. These define who you are, where you want to go and how you get there, in both business and life.

Define Your Why

Exploring WHY we seek these specific goals, dreams or desires, enabling us to clearly understand and map out our journey to achieving them


Identifying when you are overwhelmed, what are your triggers, and what actions you can take to turn them around.


Learning that in your journey in life, it is so important to have the right support around you.


Finding your constant reminding motivation for why you started your journey in the first place.

Daily Affirmations

Bringing daily reminders to help keep your constant triggers alive and active in your mind.


The emails will arrive weekly to your inbox and I truly hope they provide you with the clarity and empowerment you deserve and need.

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I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you.

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